ART: Women take center stage

in a past exhibit from Metropolis Collective

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​​​​ART SHOWS 2018

The Millworks: January-September 2018 i'll be in studio #216 at Millworks. Come see me, my paintings and stained glass work!

The Millworks Art Shows: i'll be showing a collection of paintings and stained glass work on the first floor for the months of March and August. 

The Art Association of Harrisburg: November 2018-January 2019,

5 Artist Exhibition 

"Mystery abounds in Kelly M. Curran’s submission of three elongated paintings, each featuring an exotic beauty, gazing off into the distance. “Born On A Daydream,” “New Moon Sage Woman” and “Here I Am Am I Here” all have a primitive style, reminiscent of Paul Gauguin, using a mixture of bright colors in the fabric of their gowns with the dark hues of their hair and faces in pensive expressions."