ART: Women take center stage

in a past exhibit from Metropolis Collective

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​​​​ART SHOWS 2018

The Millworks: STUDIO #216 at Millworks. Come see me, my paintings and stained glass work! 

The Art Association of Harrisburg: November 30th 5-8pm 2018-January 3rd 2019, installation called "The Path"

"Mystery abounds in Kelly M. Curran’s submission of three elongated paintings, each featuring an exotic beauty, gazing off into the distance. “Born On A Daydream,” “New Moon Sage Woman” and “Here I Am Am I Here” all have a primitive style, reminiscent of Paul Gauguin, using a mixture of bright colors in the fabric of their gowns with the dark hues of their hair and faces in pensive expressions."

"The Path"

After finding a turquoise beaded sash that came to me in a series of three dreams, I realized this was to serve as the inspiration for the installation art show i'm calling 'The Path." Its saturated with color, light, glass, symbols and the feeling of home. As each person walks around the room they will discover what I have through working on this show, that The Path is unique to us all, but its all the same path.

           Installation "THE PATH"